February 22 2018 - Hedge News Africa Gala Awards Dinner, Vineyar

Awards 2018 - Provisional nominations

December 2018: HedgeNews Africa is pleased to announce our provisional nominations for the 10th annual HedgeNews Africa Awards, based on 11 months of data to the end of October.

During this volatile period for the markets, the HedgeNews Africa Composite Index has clocked up steady gains, returning a median 4.32%. This compares with a decline of 12.26% from the JSE All Share Index while the All Bond Index has added 7.01%, amid a particularly stressful time for emerging and frontier markets.

Despite tough conditions, many funds have fared well so far this year, but with two months to go until the final nominations the final picture could differ significantly over the full calendar year.

Our final round of nominations will be announced in January, based on 12 months of data.

The awards will ultimately be decided based on risk-adjusted returns for calendar-year 2018, using an established methodology that comprises net returns as well as Sharpe ratio as a measure of volatility.

The award in each category will ultimately go to the fund with the highest return over 12 months provided its Sharpe ratio is within 25% of the top Sharpe amongst the nominees.

See below for more on the methodology, including minimum assets required to qualify for a nomination.

The nominations are as follows:

Long/short equity
Fairtree Protea Equity Long Short SNN Retail Hedge Fund
Fairtree Protea Worldwide Flexible Equity SNN QI Hedge Fund
Numus Prescient RI Hedge Fund

Pan Africa
To be announced

Market neutral and quantitative
Investec Active Quants QI Hedge Fund
Prescient Market Neutral Fund

Corion Prosperitas NCIS RIF Hedge Fund
Coronation Multi-Strategy Arbitrage Hedge Fund

Fixed Income
Southchester Smart Escalator Prescient QI Hedge Fund
Terebinth SNN FI Macro Retail Hedge Fund

Specialist Strategies
To be announced

Fund of Hedge Funds – Fixed Income
To be announced

Fund of Hedge Funds – Multi-Strategy
Novare Mayibentsha Market Neutral Qualified FoHF
Novare Alternative Retail FoHF

Three-year Performance – Single-Manager
Nautilus AcuityOne RHF
Nautilus MAP130 RHF

Three-year Performance – FOHFs
Novare Mayibentsha Market Neutral Qualified FoHF
TriAlpha SNN Enhanced Fixed Income QI FoHF

Five-year Performance – Single-Manager
Catalyst Alpha Prescient QI Hedge Fund
Fairtree Assegai Equity Long Short SNN QI Hedge Fund

Five-year Performance – FOHFs
Novare Mayibentsha Market Neutral Qualified FoHF
TriAlpha SNN Enhanced Fixed Income QI FoHF

Ten-year Performance – Single-Manager
To be announced

Ten-year Performance – FOHFs
To be announced

New Fund of the Year
To be announced

Fund of the Year
To be announced

Awards Methodology

To qualify for a nomination, funds must average a minimum of $10 million, or R80 million, in assets under management in that strategy throughout the calendar year (in fund structures plus associated segregated mandates).

Exceptions are made in the new fund category, which allows for lower AUMs, and considers funds with a track record of 12-23 months (with the award based on calendar-year returns) and the longer-term awards, for which higher minimums apply.

Funds submitting their monthly returns to our database are automatically considered for the Awards. New funds can submit data to before the end of November.

Data used in deciding the awards will be independently examined by eComply Consultants to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Awards categories include:

•    Long/short equity
•    Market neutral and quantitative
•    Fixed income
•    Multi-strategy
•    Specialist strategies
•    Pan Africa
•    Fund of hedge funds
•    Three-year performance
•    Five-year performance
•    10-year performance
•    New fund of the year
•    Fund of the year


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