The Africa Roundtable III

June 28, 2017
Summer Place, Johannesburg

After a protracted period of negative returns in the listed space, are the African markets offering value and opportunity?

As recent years attest, investing in Africa is not for the faint-hearted, the ill-informed, and the impatient. Yet there are important opportunities for those in the know. But the need for information and communication is vital so that investors can best decide how to access this opportunity, either via public or private equity channels, or via direct participation and private deals. To avoid disappointment and tap into long-term potential, they need to choose the right products and investment managers with time-frames that suit their investment needs.

Building on our eight-year track record hosting the HedgeNews Africa Symposium in Cape Town each February, and identifying the need for greater insight into the African investment universe, FundNews Africa is now co-ordinating its third annual Africa-focused roundtable to be held in Johannesburg on June 28, 2017.

After the event, we will publish a report focused on these markets, which will be a useful tool for managers and investors in sustaining and extending the conversation around the African opportunity set.

The 2017 event is scheduled to take place at Summer Place, Sandton, Johannesburg on June 28, 2017.

The half-day session will facilitate face-to-face interaction between fund managers, investors and service providers – promoting a deeper understanding of the African opportunity set and paving the way for greater participation.

It will be a focused, intimate event providing attendees with a valuable opportunity for high-level interaction with peers, investors and commercial partners.


The day’s agenda will comprise discussions from leading managers, service providers and investors focused on the African space, with topics ranging from investment opportunities to strategic and business issues.


Delegates arrive for a morning networking coffee and light breakfast, facilitating important interaction between all participants. Main and associate sponsors may use the room to showcase their brands, with banners and promotional material.

Lunch will be served after the morning’s discussions, and facilities will be available for private meetings at the venue.

fpi-cpd-2-finalThe Africa Roundtable 2017 programme has been approved by the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa. Members who attend will receive 5 CPD (continuous professional development) points, which are required to develop and maintain their capabilities to perform competently within their professional environments.

08h00 – 08h25 Registration
Tea, coffee and refreshments

08h25 – 08h30 Welcome and introduction
Gwyneth Roberts, FundNews Africa

08h30 – 09h15 The economists’ view: Rising, falling, or finding its own way? Africa 2017

09h15 – 09h45 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: On the ground in Africa – A roadmap to creating shared value: What are the opportunities and difficulties of doing business on the continent? What makes an attractive investment case? Which key lessons can help to navigate the challenges inherent in the African market?
Gavin Dalgleish, group managing director, Illovo Sugar

09h45 – 10h30 African equities have been a tough space for investors, battered by macro issues despite attractive valuations. Panellists give an overview of the broad opportunity set across investable markets, and zoom in on some of their best ideas.

10h30 – 10h55 Tea, coffee and refreshments

10h55 – 11h30 Alternative routes to African growth: Many maintain that the African opportunity is best accessed via non-listed assets. How are less liquid products encapsulating the long-term growth story, and are investors coming along for the ride?

11h30 – 12h00 VIEWPOINT: Investing for the long term – why geopolitical due diligence matters.
George Rautenbach, Africa Business Experts

12h00 – 12h40 Making an impact: Besides financial return, are investors making a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact in Africa? How important is this approach in the continent’s early-stage economies, and are managers getting it right?

12h40 – 13h15 Putting capital to work: What do investors want from an African allocation – and does it match the opportunity set?

This programme is provisional and subject to change at the organiser’s discretion

Confirmed speakers as at 02/06/2017

Chris Becker, Investec Africa Securities
Bronwyn Corbett, Mara Delta
Gavin Dalgleish, Illovo Sugar
Paul Fenwick, Barclays Africa Group
Gerald Gondo, RisCura
Oliver Hoffmann, 27four Investment Managers
Janice Johnston, Edge Growth
Kganya Kgare, Stanlib
Maurice Madiba, Cloud Atlas Investing
Neville Mandimika, Rand Merchant Bank
Ridle Markus, Absa
Semoli Mokhanoi, Mergence Investment Managers
Justin Murray, Barak Fund Management
Godfrey Mwanza, Absa Asset Management
Shritesh Nanji, Pinebridge Investments
Rainer Orth, Kura Capital
Kim Polley, Instinctif Partners Africa
George Rautenbach, Africa Business Experts
Sven Richter, Drakens Capital
Paul Robinson, Laurium Capital
Andrew Schultz, Investec Africa Securities

Why sponsor?

Many Africa events are typically focused on the sell side – facilitating meetings between fund managers and company management.

But managers need an opportunity to communicate their ideas and concerns to their end investors – encouraging the conversation around investing across the continent. The Africa Roundtable will bring together fund managers, end investors (including fund of funds, pension funds and consultants) and service providers, to focus on investment opportunities in the African markets.

The morning’s discussions will offer a productive environment for managers and investors to meet, network and communicate, and high-end positioning for service providers to interact with clients.

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The post-event report is a full-colour A4 publication produced by our experienced editorial staff, highlighting the key themes and issues raised during the day’s discussions. It will contain sponsor advertisements.

The Africa Roundtable offers a premium-level branding opportunity in the form of print advertising in the publication.

To view the previous reports, go to our digital bookshelf.

To discuss this opportunity, please contact:

021 8500585
083 2315167

043 7481283
076 9040409

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Seats are limited.

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