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Long/short leads in buoyant February

South African long/short equity funds were the best performing category in the HedgeNews Africa database in February, gaining a median 3.67% to sit 6.08%...

Single managers remain positive for January

South African hedge funds started the year on a solid footing, with the HedgeNews Africa South Africa Single-Manager Composite delivering a 1.64% gain.

Hedge funds resilient in December

South African hedge funds turned in a median gain of 6.19% in 2020, after adding 1.3% in December, according to the HedgeNews Africa South...

Strong November for many funds across strategies

Funds in the HedgeNews Africa database had a strong month, with the HedgeNews Africa South African Single Manager Composite adding a median 3% as...

SA hedge funds hold their ground as equity market retracts

South African hedge funds had a tough October, with the HedgeNews Africa Single Manager Composite dipping -0.23% for the month as the JSE All...

Hedge fund medians flat as fixed income still shines

South African hedge funds were flat in September, dipping a median -0.28% in a tough month for the markets, to sit 2.01% higher on...

Long/short ahead as market dips

South African hedge funds delivered a median gain of 0.75% in August, to sit 2.29% higher on the year.

SA hedge funds continue upward climb

South African hedge funds clocked their fourth consecutive positive month in July, with the HedgeNews Africa South African Single Manager Composite adding 0.93%, to...

Long/short funds strong in June

Long/short equity was the strongest category for the month, with a 3.77% median gain

Funds mixed in tough May

South African funds add a median 0.96%

Hedge funds rebound in April

South African hedge funds add a median 4.63%

Hedge funds protect capital in tough March

HedgeNews Africa SA Single-Manager Composite declines a median 4.61% in March

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