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FundNews Africa is delighted to announce that our publication has been recognised by the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI) as a recommended source for continuous professional development (CPD) purposes, with our latest editions awarded two technical CPD hours each.

“We are excited about being an FPI-recognised publication, with this new avenue making timely and industry-relevant content available to our subscribers while at the same time helping them meet their professional development targets,” said Gwyneth Roberts, HedgeNews Africa publisher. “We look forward to continuing with the process on a quarterly basis, as each magazine is published.”

The FPI notes that the Third Quarter 2020 Volume 4 No10 magazine has been approved as a “recommended source” in the professional reading category, with two verifiable hours. Subsequently, the Fourth Quarter 2020 Volume 5 No1 magazine has been accredited with a further two hours.

According to the FPI, continuous professional development is a hallmark of every reputable profession, and is about attaining and enhancing one’s abilities, skills and knowledge in order to have a sustainable, reputable business that supports client retention.

“We would like to congratulate the editor and her team for putting this publication together,” said Lelané Bezuidenhout, CEO of the FPI.

All professional reading is deemed non-verifiable unless readers complete an assessment, meeting the FPI’s standards.

To claim their technical hours, subscribers will need to complete an online quiz for each publication, which is independently graded, and receive an 80% pass mark.

Please go to our digital bookshelf to read the latest editions.

Please click on the banners below to complete the online multiple-choice quizzes for each relevant publication, which takes a few minutes. You will be notified once your paper has been graded, and will receive a certificate.

Please contact admin@hedgenewsafrica.com with any queries, or if you require a quicker assessment for CPD purposes.

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CPD approval valid until February 1, 2022


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CPD approval valid until December 5, 2021


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CPD approval valid until November 15, 2021


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CPD approval valid until August 15, 2021