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The Reading Room

The Reading Room

Crypto hedge funds’ average AUM grew three times in Q1

The growth indicates that funds have been “relatively successful” at raising investments

A hedge fund willing to share the downside

Breaking down the boldest bets in business

Hedge funds did better than equities last year – but so...

George Tsinonis, head of investment analytics at RisCura, discusses recent hedge fund performance

Opinion: Hedge fund myths

Critics of hedge funds can get it wrong when it comes to their performance and accountability to investors, writes Jean-Pierre Verster

Westbrooke 2019 Section 12J funds raise R750m+

Funds aim to stimulate SA economy and create jobs

Fight Night raises R300,000 for charity

The Armoury Boxing Club hosted the eighth annual Financial Services Fight Night, raising more than R300,000 for the Shine Literacy programme

Savvy investors should plan for hedge fund turnaround

Hedge funds should remain a key part of any well-diversified portfolio, writes Glenn Silverman at Novare Investments

The future of hedge funds: Trends to watch

What do the next five years hold for hedge funds?

Shining a light on short selling

Proposed regulations will make these trades more transparent

SA acts to meet offshore demand

South African fund managers are moving fast to meet investor demand for offshore diversification - and competition is growing from international financial centres