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Fund Profiles

Fund Profiles

Senqu reaches three-year mark

Global mandate underpins successful year in long/short equity for Carew and Crawford

Miltenberg optimistic on Africa

Philippe Koch believes 2020 provides a compelling entry point for investors across the continent, and he is cautiously optimistic about the outlook for the next few years

Enko debt fund delivers over three years

Enko Capital has passed the three-year mark with its African Debt Fund, which has gained a net annualised 15.13% since inception in October 2016...

THINK.CAPITAL reaches five-year mark

The flagship RCIS THINK Growth QI Hedge Fund celebrated its five-year anniversary , returning a net 8.25% per annum

Peregrine Capital adds retail route

Peregrine Capital, the longest running hedge fund manager in the country, has recently celebrated its 21st birthday with an exemplary track record

Abax market-neutral makes gains

Abax Investments has seen steady returns from its Abax Bao NCIS Market Neutral Fund, which applies a bottom-up, fundamental valuation-driven approach to building a...

RisCura outlines investor concerns

Prasheen Singh, a senior investment consultant of RisCura’s advisory business, discussed investor concerns and asset allocation trends

Palladium launches Africa impact fund

Fund aims to raise US$40 million for SMEs, focusing on agribusiness value chains and clean energy

Ngwedi prepares alternatives offering

Second phase of the business will include private credit, private equity and hedge fund solutions for a sophisticated client base

Hoff and Hechter on track at Musgrave

Damon Hoff and Liam Hechter have forged a robust partnership at London-based Musgrave Capital Partners