Editor's Letter

Editor's Letter

Mining for alpha in a variety of ways

In an environment of potentially divergent outcomes, many managers are positioning in multiple ways

Greater flexibility amidst heightened risks

While it is spring in the southern hemisphere, autumn chills are setting in across the rest of the world, and the changing environment is...

In fragile markets, can hedge funds impress?

Risk assets have had a strong first half, with stock markets globally making healthy gains to end-June, despite some volatility. Yet the macro picture...

Forging an effective identity

Knowing your competitive advantage, sticking to your investment strategy, staying on top of technological innovation and communicating with your investors – these were just...

Dark clouds persist, but the sky’s the limit

Last year tested the limits of many fund managers we talk to – from South African hedge funds and other alternative strategies to those...

Time to think creatively

Things are certainly being shaken up in the financial markets. As this issue was going to press, global stocks had endured a torrid October,...

Not a time for the faint-hearted

Now is the time for unearthing gems – those smart and zealous managers who apply their minds to the markets in innovative and intelligent ways

Playing to your strengths

Know your edge. Avoid style drift. And stay away from the crowd. These were the key points of advice for fund managers looking to...

Managers reflect on tough year

South African hedge funds have always turned in numbers that compare well with global peers and the markets. But last year was tough

Extreme outcomes prompt soul searching

Ramaphosa’s win at the ANC conference was the good news this month but the Steinhoff debacle could not have come at a worse time for corporate SA