Fund of Funds Tables

Fund of Funds Tables

Fund of funds firm in tricky September

Global equity markets decline

Positive month for fund of funds

Fund of hedge funds in South Africa were positive in August, adding a median 0.49% as domestic stocks fell, to reflect an almost 10%...

Fund of funds hold steady

Slow month for FOF.

Fund of funds edge higher in June

South African fund of hedge funds edged higher in June, gaining a median 0.27% to come in with an 8.14% gain for the first...

FoHFs continue to make solid gains in 2021

South African Fund of Funds Composite is now 7.85% higher to end-May

Robust returns for fund of funds in April

FoHFs add to year-to-date gains

March numbers reflect healthy gains

FOF has steady returns.

Positive February for fund of funds

FOF remains positive over three months.

Strong month for fund of funds in January

JSE all share index is up 5.21% in January.

Fund of funds end year on strong note

Funds end with a flourish in strong December for the markets