The Reading Room

The Reading Room

Peregrine, SA’s biggest stockbroker, could soon be black-owned

Legae Securities and Peregrine Securities announce the formation of a BEE consortium

Get what you pay for. Pay for what you need.

Paul Wilkes from Collas Crill discusses how to choose the best offshore structure to capture your desired investor base

Industry leaders put forward vision of the future

Senior players in the global hedge fund industry put forward their collective vision in a new report published by global body AIMA

Warren Buffett’s wager

The equities vs hedge funds stand-off

On a mission to build Africa’s largest venture capital fund

Fund aims to “find and nurture high-growth entrepreneurs through funding, incubation and enterprise development”

FSB confirms change to Regulation 28

Will collective investment schemes follow?

Long-term return forecasts 2018

"Expected" returns across the world's major asset classes

Get used to US-style shorting

The market is a voting machine. This is nothing new, writes Simon Brown on Fin24

Zimbabwe turns a corner

Hope and doubt thrive in equal measure as Zimbabwe enters the post-Mugabe era, yet investors remain wary until the direction is clear

Fairfax Africa Fund plans to build $4 billion oil refinery in...

Feasibility study for the building of the refinery is underway