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The Reading Room

The Reading Room

Hedge fund billionaire warns firms to step up on climate change

TCI's warnings come as investors ramp up scrutiny of their holdings' environmental impact

Hedge funds should be for all

Legislation has changed, but there are still major regulatory hurdles that limit access to this asset class

Industry aligns with investors, AIMA research shows

Hedge funds and investors continue to strike the right note in aligning their interests, according to new industry-wide research

Hedge funds: it’s an ‘and’ not an ‘or’ discussion

Asset class remains a key part of a well-diversified portfolio, writes Ruan Jooste at Business Maverick

Machine learning grows ESG opportunities for hedge funds

Customised environmental, social, and governance portfolios are among the benefits, says Cerulli Associates

Hedge funds join the hunt for the ESG ‘factor’

Overlapping characteristics and a lack of data have made search for ethical or ‘responsible’ stocks difficult

More than ever, Cyril must look closer to home to boost...

Darryn Faulds, fund manager at MeTTa Capital, discusses how potential tax changes could limit the positive impact of 12J Investments

Commercial real estate outlook: Q3 2019

Savvy Investor presents a collection of papers on the outlook for commercial property around the world

Industry responds to draft Section 12J changes

Proposed amendments to South Africa’s tax laws are likely to reduce capital raised in Section 12J companies, impacting the economy

OPINION: Best execution is in investors’ best interests

Kevin Brady, CEO of A2X, discusses global stock-market trends and how new exchanges can bring improved outcomes for investors