The Reading Room

The Reading Room

Savvy investors should plan for hedge fund turnaround

Hedge funds should remain a key part of any well-diversified portfolio, writes Glenn Silverman at Novare Investments

The future of hedge funds: Trends to watch

What do the next five years hold for hedge funds?

Shining a light on short selling

Proposed regulations will make these trades more transparent

SA acts to meet offshore demand

South African fund managers are moving fast to meet investor demand for offshore diversification - and competition is growing from international financial centres

Impact investment can make a difference in Africa

by Charles Buchanan, managing director of fund services for Africa at SGG Group

Hedge funds fall out of favour with instos

New EY research shows investors are turning away from hedge funds and looking to private equity assets to uphold their alternatives portfolio

Investor appetite for hedge funds is soaring

Net demand is highest in at least three years, survey finds

Consortium inks Mazi Macquarie deal

The new majority black-owned and female-led enterprise is well positioned to provide South African institutional investors with access to a leading equities brokerage

Hedge funds of funds are back, but this time with twists

Consolidation and turnover in the market is a big driver

JPMorgan brings alternative investments to the masses with lower minimums

Ability to access a broader suite of products helps keep clients engaged