Single-Manager Tables

Single-Manager Tables

Early numbers show strong month for fixed income

FTSE/JSE All Share Index dips 0.87% in September

Equity funds post modest gains in August

FTSE/JSE All Share Index adds 2.65% in August

Equity funds perform steadily in July

FTSE/JSE All Share Index soars 7% in July

Africa-focused funds power ahead in June

FTSE/JSE All Share Index declines 3.49% in June

Africa-focused funds make strong progress in May

FTSE/JSE All Share Index dips 0.42% in May

Multi-strategy leads the way in April

FTSE/JSE All Share climbs 3.64% in April

All strategies make steady gains in March

HedgeNews Africa SA Single-Manager Composite adds 2.53% in first quarter

Fixed income outperforms equity in February

FTSE/JSE All Share Index dips 3.1% in February

Long/short leads the way in January

The HedgeNews Africa South African Composite starts the year with a gain of 1.46%

Equity funds end year on steady note

South African hedge funds had a tumultuous year but ended in positive territory, with a median gain of more than 5% versus just over...