Editor's Letter

Editor's Letter

Time to think creatively

Things are certainly being shaken up in the financial markets. As this issue was going to press, global stocks had endured a torrid October,...

Not a time for the faint-hearted

Now is the time for unearthing gems – those smart and zealous managers who apply their minds to the markets in innovative and intelligent ways

Playing to your strengths

Know your edge. Avoid style drift. And stay away from the crowd. These were the key points of advice for fund managers looking to...

Managers reflect on tough year

South African hedge funds have always turned in numbers that compare well with global peers and the markets. But last year was tough

Extreme outcomes prompt soul searching

Ramaphosa’s win at the ANC conference was the good news this month but the Steinhoff debacle could not have come at a worse time for corporate SA

Survival mode

Cautious stance in complicated times seems right for those managers that seek to protect capital whilst delivering long-term gains

Man versus machine

Quant funds are gaining in prominence, but human intellect remains key across all hedge fund businesses

Fertile ground for alpha hunters?

Market conditions seem increasingly complicated yet many industry players believe that there are more opportunities emerging for active managers than there have been in...

Finding alternative avenues to growth

In this month’s edition, we report on a number of new alternative investment strategies that are exploring opportunities in the broader African markets.

Political events cloud more positive outlook

The events of the last few days of Q1 2017 have cast a pall over South Africa’s political and economic standing, putting the country...